Sims 4: Let's Play! Gen 1

Sims 4: Let’s Play! Gen 1 ~ Wedding

Its the morning of the wedding and Emma gets up early to start getting ready.  She’s already starting to feel nervous.  She’s got butterflies swarming in her stomach and all she keeps thinking about is all that could go wrong.  She gets around and gets Forrest around for the baby sitters.  Since he’s so little and she doesn’t have any family to watch him during the wedding she has it set up with one of her coworkers to watch him.  She said she will bring him with her to the wedding and to bring him over prior to getting ready.

She gets Forrest dropped off in the morning and heads out to the venue to start getting herself ready.  She gets there before anyone else does and starts getting her make up and her dress on.

1 o’clock rolls around and the guests start showing up.  She hears laughter, and children running around the venue.  She stays in her room so Watson can’t see her prior to the wedding.  They say that’s bad luck and she wants all the good luck she can get.  Shortly later she hears a knock at the door. “Emma?  You ready?  It’s time to get started with the wedding.”

Watson must be here!  They wouldn’t be having me get ready to go out if he wasn’t already waiting at the alter.  That was the best feeling ever, knowing that he was out there and that he did show up.  Her stomach has been in knots all day worrying about if he was going to be here or not.

Emma walks out and gets ready to go outside to the gazebo where she was going to marry Watson.

It was a beautiful ceremony.

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed the music and the food.  Some entertained themselves at the bar.

Let's Play Part 11 Wedding Day4

Emma couldn’t believe she was now married to a very successful doctor who also was very handsome and kind. She felt like the luckiest woman in town.

Is this Emma’s happy ever after?  What else does her future have in store for her?  Keep reading to find out!

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