Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 4

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 4 ~ Derick and Fiona’s Family Photos

Its been a few months now since Fiona has gone back to work after having Annalise.  Its starting to get warmer outside and the flowers are in bloom.  The smell of the flowers through the windows puts Fiona in a good mood.  Reminds her of the times she had her pictures taken or she went out shopping.  Those activities always brightened her mood regardless of how her day was going.   So that day after she got home, she got in one of her favorite outfits, got her hair done and freshened up her make up.  When Derick comes home today we are going to have a few pictures taken.

When Derick got home he saw that Fiona looked like she was ready to go out for the evening. “What are we planning?”

“It’s been awhile since we had some photos done and I would like to have a few done since Annalise has been born.”

Derick was happy to hear she wanted to get family photos done.  Her wanting this means she must be in good spirits.  He’s been a little worried about her since Annalise was born.  She’s been working much harder than she used to.  Writing books as much as she can, constantly on the computer blogging for work.  She hasn’t really spent much time with him or Annalise and as usual, hasn’t lifted a finger around the house.  Even though he really didn’t figure she would.

After dinner, Fiona had her sister come by and babysit Annalise while they went out and took a few selfies.

Derick doesn’t feel quite as graceful and confident in having his picture taken.  Fiona noticed he just didn’t know what he was doing so she told him to do a pose.  He felt silly but he did it anyway and they had a good laugh afterwards.


What photo is your favorite?  Mine is the one with both of them in it.

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