Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 4

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge – Gen 4 ~ Fun at the Park

It’s starting to get warmer outside and Derick and Fiona have the weekend off so Fiona has planned an outing at the nearby park with Annalise.  They haven’t got to go out in a while since Annalise’s birthday and since its bright and sunny out, the park sounded like a good idea.

Fiona decided to also take her camera along with her so she could get some family pictures with Annalise while she is a toddler.  Fiona is really enjoying the toddler stage. She gets to read to her sleep, play dolls and play make believe with her stuffed dog. Potty training really isn’t for Fiona.  That is just to disgusting! She is almost potty trained and that will be so nice because Fiona hates changing diapers.

Derick has noticed that Fiona really doesn’t discipline Annalise and would much rather be her best friend then be her parent.  She doesn’t get after her for making messes, throwing her food during dinner or when she is throwing a tantrum.  She does, however, make sure she has plenty of clothes to play dress up in, paints her nails and play dolls.  Derick is pretty laid back so he doesn’t say much.  Annalise doesn’t cause to much trouble but it would be nice if Fiona would help out a little bit with the parenting.

After they got to the park that afternoon, Fiona took Annalise down the slide a few times and pushed her in the swings.  Annalise was having a very good time. As soon as lunch time came around, they laid out a blanket in the grass and had a picnic.  Fiona packed a few ham sandwiches, apple slices and some drinks.

After lunch they decided to get a few pictures taken.

After the pictures were taken, Annalise was getting pretty tired.  It was a rather busy day for her and she was ready to go home to take a nap.

Which picture is your favorite?  Mine is the one with Derick and Annalise.

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