Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 4

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 4 ~ Loneliness

As time went on, the more lonely Fiona started to feel.  Not being able to confide in Derick about how she feels, her depression and heartache caused by the surgery when Annalise was born, is causing her to feel more and more distant.  Derick and her both have been very busy at home.  He doesn’t get out of work till late and she is busy with her blogging and books.  Annalise takes a lot of their time as well so they don’t spend a whole lot of time together.

However, she does find talking with Alex at work is helping her a lot.  He makes her feel better.  Last week she invited him over after work.  When Derick got home he wondered who Alex was.  She explained to him that they were friends at work in the same department that she was in.  He seemed okay with it.

The more and more time her and Alex spend together the more she’s starting to feel something for him.  One evening, when Derick had to work late, she invited Alex over.  So she wouldn’t be alone all night.  Those nights get really lonely.  Annalise was already tucked into bed.  It was getting late and she was about to send Alex home when he leaned over and kissed her cheek.  She wasn’t sure what to do.  He looked at her and leaned in again and gave her a kiss.  She didn’t stop him.  They were getting rather romantic with each other when she realized what time it was.

“You really need to get going.” It was almost 11p.m. by this time and Fiona knew Derick was going to be getting home soon.

“When can I see you again outside of work?” Fiona couldn’t believe he was acting like this.  After all he was married.

“Ah, I’m not sure.  I’ll let you know.”  With that Fiona showed him to the door and he gave her one last kiss for the night.

What is going to happen with Fiona and Alex?  Is she going to stay with Derick? Keep reading to find out!

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