Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 4

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 4 ~ Chat about Aliens

Its been a couple of weeks now since Derick’s birthday.  The thought of leaving Fiona and Annalise almost breaks his heart but at the same time, the flame that used to be there between him and Fiona seems to have burned out.  She’s not acting interested in him anymore.  They are hardly romantic and that Alex seems to be around an awful lot.  Plus she works right next to him with no walls in between! Is there something about them he doesn’t know?  He’s thought about asking her about it but he’s to scared of the answer or her reaction to his curiosity.  Maybe he’s working to many hours.  He has been putting in some overtime for quite some time now and maybe he’s not home enough.  After Annalise is a little older I will slow down on the overtime and be home more and then decide what direction this relationship with Fiona is going.

That evening Fiona was finishing up her book and Derick and Annalise were in working on potty training.  I really need to get this book done.  My royalties from my books are really starting to take off!

It was starting to get late and Fiona had finished her book.  She was going to take a shower and then head to bed when she looked over and saw Derick and Annalise having a conversation about aliens on the couch.  Annalise looked a little suspicious on what Derick was telling her.  She quietly grabbed her camera and walked over to take a picture.  I definitely could post this on my blog and get lots more followers.

03-27-18_1-35-59 PM

What is in the future for Derick and Fiona? Keep reading to find out!

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