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Sims 4: My mods that are updated for 6/19/18 Patch

I thought to make it easier, I would post here the mods I have gotten updated for the Seasons patch 6/19/18.

All my mods are officially updated for the current patch.  Any problems with a mod,please let me know.

Thank you for your patience and all of your support!

Mods Updated for 6/19/18 Patch:

Autonomous Vampires UPDATED!

Retail: Hire Who Ever!

Breeding Unlimited

Instant Morning Sickness

No! Cry it Out!

Moody Laundry Piles

Restaurant: Hire Who Ever!

Vet: Hire Who Ever!

Vet: Praise Employee all you Want

Global Gender Preference

Autonomous First Kiss

Ghosts can have Babies

No! Think About Family Member

Shower Bladder Reliever UPDATED

No! Change into Bear

No! Asking for Advice

Autonomous Ask to Move In

Faster Showers and Baths

Pregnant Aging and Death PLUS Children & Toddlers

Risky Woohoo & Try for Baby Chances

Birthday Anytime!

Autonomous Weddings

Inappropriate to Marry

Labor Puddles PLUS Pets

Teen/Adult Romance & Mess Around

Socialization is Fun!

Personality Please!

Vampire Death & More Mod

Autonomous Proposals

Leave comments below. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Sims 4: My mods that are updated for 6/19/18 Patch

  1. Thank you so much for your mods! Will you create a separate post when you update the others or should we check here?


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