Sims 4: Let's Play! Gen 1

Sims 4: Let’s Play! Gen 1 ~ New Addition

It has been a few months now since Watson has seen Brenda.  He figured it would probably be best if they didn’t see each other for a while.  Brenda wasn’t very happy about it but she agreed it would probably be for the best.  At least for now while Emma is pregnant.

Emma has been off from work now for a couple of weeks because her blood pressure has been high and she’s been a little stressed.  She isn’t allowed to go back to work till after her maternity leave after the baby is born.  She isn’t due for another 2 weeks so hopefully everything goes well till then.

While Watson was at work, Emma was at home watching a little TV when she felt a sharp pain in her stomach.  She knew what these pains meant.  It’s a little early but not to bad. As she stood up to get around to head to the hospital her water broke.  She quickly checked and saw it was clear fluid and knew that was a good sign.  She grabbed her coat and headed for the hospital.

Watson heard as soon as she was checked in that she was in the maternity ward getting ready to have the baby.  He only had a few papers left to do but left them anyway and headed down to be with Emma.

Took about 16 hours before their new bundle of joy entered the world.

Let's Play Part 16 New Addition4

The maternity ward had been updated since the last time they were there several years ago and this time the baby gets to stay in the room with you instead of going down to the nursery.

Let's Play Part 16 New Addition3

After a few days of being in the hospital Emma and Rosemary were able to go home.

Will a new baby at home change the way Watson has been acting? Keep reading to find out!


Sims 4: Let’s Play! Gen 1 ~ Suspicious Behavior

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