Sims 3: Build Downloads

Sims 3: Mystic Church & Cemetery~Download


This is a large lot that was built for my “From the Ground Up!” Series that you can watch ~HERE!~

This lot is set as a small park that way weddings and other events can be held here.  The cemetery still works and will hold all your passed sims.  There are already a few that live there!

This lot is beautifully decorated for that upcoming wedding!  If the weather isn’t quite right you can move your wedding in doors and use the newly added banquet hall.

Want to see how the church was created?–>Mystic Church

Want to see how the cemetery was created?–>Mystic Cemetery

Expansion packs used:

Store content used:

Usually there isn’t much in the way of store content in one of my creations, however, in this case because it is decorated for a wedding it uses the wedding content below heavily.  The structure of the lot will be fine however, the decorating will be completely different.Romanza Ceremony & Reception

Gothique Window

Enchanting Faire Love Seat

Wave of Light

Jars of Electric Fireflies

Hitting on all Sixes Sofa

Wisteria Vines from Dragon valley

Current Download Links:

The Exchange


Mod the Sims



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