Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 4

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 4 ~ Birthday Wishes

The next day after playing in the snow, Fiona starts planning Annalise’s birthday.  She decides on making the cake this time for her instead of going out and buying one.  She also took the day off so she could decorate for Christmas since that is 2 week away.

07-12-18_3-51-13 PM

While the cake was baking in the oven, she started calling photographers to see who she can get to take some family pictures for her while the snow was still out.  It’s supposed to stay snowy past Christmas this year but would like to get them in prior to the holiday.

As the morning went on and she got the cake decorated and all the decorations up she had to make some calls and see if she could get some family to come over.  She tried calling her aunt Robyn but the number she had was no longer a working number.  She never realized how little her family was.  Derrick hasn’t spoken to his parents since Annalise was born.  They are against having children when you aren’t married and were even more upset with him that they never got married after she was born.

Her dad’s sister Ellie never had any children.  She remembers that day.  Ellie was never the same after that.  She had the hardest time getting pregnant and when they finally did she lost the baby and all chances of having any others.  She never took anything out of the nursery and cried for a long time after.  Because of her grandmother Noelle’s divorce they never got close to her grandfather’s children from a different marriage so that side of the family is estranged.

Never thought we had isolated ourselves so bad until now.  We have almost no family, don’t even know who is still alive or not.  Don’t have a working number for my sister.

Fiona set the phone down and decided that even though they weren’t going to have a big party they can at least have the best party they can have!

Supper was almost done when Annalise came in the door.  She was whispering when she walked in and sounded like she was talking to someone.  She came over to the kitchen to Fiona, “Mom.  Can I invite a friend to my birthday?”

Hey, more than just us 3 that’s great! “Sure! Who is she?  Have a met her before?”

Annalise waved her hand and a young man walked in. “Oh, um hello.”  Fiona was not expecting a boy. She wiped her hands on her apron and walked around to great him.

“Sorry, I was expecting one of Annalise’s girl friends.  My name is Fiona and you are?”

“Lawson ma’am.  Lawson Rasoya.”

Oh wow! Manners!  This boy has manners and cute! Fiona thought as he introduced himself.

09-18-18_8-44-451 PM

A few minutes later Derrick was home and they all had supper.  Now it was time for cake!  Fiona got the cake out and they all gathered around to sing “Happy Birthday” to Annalise.  Annalise looked so happy.  She has her parents here, still together, the boy she likes, whom her parents don’t know is actually an adult in college that she really hopes he likes her back.  Everything is just falling into place.  Christmas is coming up, she will be graduating in a year, life at the moment is good.

Before Annalise blew out the candles, she made a wish.  She wished for true love with Lawson and for her mom and dad to fall back in love with each other.   After Annalise blew out the candles, everyone sat around and ate the cake and talked, laughed and just had a good time.

07-26-18_1-25-57 PM

Will Annalise tell her mom and dad where she met Lawson?  How will they handle her being 17 and dating a college boy?

Keep reading to find out!

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