Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 4

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 4 ~ Christmas

Christmas is finally here!  The day starts off with Fiona making pancakes, bacon and toast. Annalise can see it in her mom’s eyes the love for her dad Derrick grow with each day. They are laughing more, hugging and even stealing a kiss now and then when they don’t think Annalise is watching.

In a few hours Lawson will be coming over to enjoy a Christmas lunch and opening gifts with her family.  So far Lawson has not made a move on Annalise to let her know he is interested in her.  She sure hope he does because the more she gets to know him, the more she really likes him.  He is all she thinks about. She can’t get him off of her mind and she finds herself quite often day dreaming about him.

In the middle of her thoughts, about Lawson of course, the buzzer at the apartment gate buzzes their apartment.  She runs to the speaker to see who it is.  “It’s Lawson, can I come up?” He came! He really did!  Annalise wasn’t sure if he would show since she hadn’t heard from him since she invited him over for Christmas.  Once he got up to their floor she let him in and he joined right in with the conversation with her parents and herself.  She loves how he is so outgoing and gets along with so many people. Especially the two most important people in her life.

They sat around for lunch and Fiona asked the one question Annalise had been dreading this entire time.

07-12-18_3-49-39 PM

“So how did you and Annalise meet? Do you have some classes at school with her?”

“Ah, no ma’am.  I am a 3rd year in the Culinary Arts course at The University of Britechester. I met Annalise at one of the parties on campus about a month ago.”

When Fiona heard “3rd year in Culinary Arts” she almost choked on her food.

“Your in……in college?  How old are you?? Do you realize that Annalise just turned 17 and still has a another whole year in high school yet??”

Annalise saw quickly how uncomfortable Lawson got.  He must of thought she had told her parents a little more than what she had and didn’t think about what it was he was saying. He knew Annalise’s age but since they weren’t dating and was just friends, even though she would like to be more than friends, didn’t figure it was such a bad thing.

“Mom, yes he knows how old I am.  We are just friends.  It’s not like we are dating each other.”

Those words Lawson was hearing from her made him think that maybe she doesn’t like him like he thought she did.  I’m glad I never made a move on her, I sure would of been embarrassed when she turned me down.

After telling her mom that they were just friends, she seemed to calm down a bit.  She still looked at Lawson with as if he had other intentions on their relationship.

Derrick saw the uncomfortable atmosphere that had formed in the room all of a sudden and decided to change the subject.

“Why don’t we go ahead and start passing out the gifts and opening them?” With that said, Derrick stood up and headed over to the tree.  Annalise took this opportunity to join him and motioned for Lawson to follow.  When Fiona saw everyone walk over to the tree she decided to join them.

They started handing out the gifts.

07-12-18_3-53-40 PM07-12-18_3-53-49 PM07-12-18_3-53-51 PM

When it was time for Lawson to go, Annalise walked with him outside.

“I’m so sorry about that.  I should of told you that I hadn’t told my mom that you were in college. I guess I was just scared of how she would react.”

“It’s okay.  It’s out in the open now and by the end of it all she seemed become at ease with it.” Lawson was trying to reassure Annalise.  He really hoped she would not end what they had going over this and would like to continue to be her friend and possible more.

That’s when it happened, Annalise’s eyes softened.  She took a step forward, gazed into his eyes almost like she was searching.  Searching for an answer that she had been looking for.  Breathing in his cologne, oh how she loved how he smelled.  Reached up and rubbed his cheek with the back of her hand.

07-26-18_4-24-401 PM

Lawson’s heart jumped and fluttered.  He was speechless.

Is this the start of a relationship between Annalise and Lawson?  Will Fiona be okay with Lawson being 4 years older than Annalise?

Continue reading to find out!

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