Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 4

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 4 ~ Distant

The past few weeks have been really quiet at home.  Derrick hasn’t spoken much more than a few words to Fiona since she confessed about what was going on with her and Alex.  She hasn’t spoken much to Alex since she told Derrick what was going on.  Alex decided that since she wasn’t speaking to him anymore and ignored every pass he did he decided it was time to change departments.  Fiona felt awful about how the relationship ended with Alex but she didn’t know any other way to stop what was going on.

Annalise was getting older and wasn’t long before Fiona would plan her sweet 16 pictures just like her parents did for her.  It was the most fun she had ever had and wanted to give that joy to Annalise as well.  She also doesn’t know how much more of this silent treatment she can take from Derrick.  It’s not like they are married or anything.  She has a good job now and so does he so she should get plenty from him for child support to help her keep the life she has been living all of her life.  Having him leave may be the hardest decision she has ever made but it may be the decision she needs to make.  She loves Derrick but if he can’t forgive her and get past this then maybe it’s time to go their separate ways.

Derrick has had a lot on his mind since Fiona told him what she had been doing behind his back.  He feels so betrayed.  He knows that Fiona isn’t very happy with him lately because he hasn’t been talking to her much if any at all but he just needs time to think.  Time to sort things out.  He needs to decide what he wants to do now.  With Annalise getting older he doesn’t want her to grow up in a family where her parents don’t talk and if they do talk all they do is fight.  He’s not sure if he loves Fiona anymore.  Maybe what he needs to do is figure out if leaving and going on is separate way is the direction he needs to go.

Even though her birthday is coming up and her mom is planning a photo shoot for her, Annalise just can’t seem to get enthused about it all.  It hurts that her mom and dad aren’t talking and laughing together like they used to.  Ever since that day she caught her mom and Alex kissing each other and was so upset that she just couldn’t help herself.  She just had to talk to her best friend Lisa about it.  Now it has all blown out of proportion!  Lisa must of told her friends, her family and the next thing she knows the whole town was talking about it.  The looks she got at school because they knew what her mom was doing was so hurtful.  Now they may be leaving each other and it’s all her fault!  I wish I never never opened my mouth about what I saw!  I need to find a way to keep them together!

Is Fiona and Derrick’s relationship really over?  Will Annalise be able to keep her family together?

Keep reading to find out!

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