Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 4

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 4 ~ Snowy White

The first snow fall has fallen to the ground during the night. Annalise’s birthday is the next day and it is going to be beautiful out.  She is really hoping the the snow packs so she can try to get her mom and dad out in it.  They always loved playing in the snow when she was little and thinks that maybe that will help them to get past this.

Annalise sent each of her parents a text about the snow and asked them if they would like to make a snowman with her after work.  She did not tell them that she was asking the other to help too.  She was able to convince them to come out while it was still daylight.

When Fiona got home she got everything she needed to help Annalise make a snowman.  This is just what I need to help lift my spirits.  Time with Annalise.  I don’t have much more time with her.

Fiona and Annalise was out making the snowman when Derrick came home. He never gave it a thought that Fiona might be out there with her.  He just saw Annalise trying to push the snowball on the ground.  He ran up and changed clothes and hurried back outside.  As soon as he ran out and looked up he saw that Fiona was out there as well.  He looked at her when she looked up from what she was doing.  She smiled.  He had forgotten how beautiful she was when she smiled.  Just then “SMACK!” snow went flying after breaking apart over his head.  Annalise started a snowball fight!

By that time Derrick and Fiona had completely forgotten about what they were angry about and started in all the fun.  Annalise saw what she had started and while her mom and dad where flinging snowballs at each other she sneakily walked back into the house and watched from a window.

Fiona was laughing so hard she wasn’t watching where she was stepping and started to slip. Derrick grabbed her but he lost his footing as well and they both tumbled to the ground.  Fiona landed right on top of him.  When they both stopped laughing they looked into each others eyes. Derrick still had his arm around Fiona.  Fiona slowly leaned down and kissed Derrick.  He didn’t not resist and continued to kiss her back.

Fiona looked out at the snow and then back at Derrick.   “Derrick, I’m so sorry.  I love you so much!  I want to make this up to you and try to make this work.  Can you please forgive me?”

“Fiona, I just don’t know.”

Those words were like knives stabbing her in the heart!  Her heart ached and felt like it was ripping apart.

Derrick saw the look in Fiona’s face and saw the tears starting to fill her eyes.  This sight was breaking his heart. He couldn’t see her cry like this.  The way Derrick was feeling about how he was making her feel proved to him that he still loved Fiona very much.

“Oh Fiona, please don’t cry.” As he wiped away the tears that started to fall down her cheek.  “Why don’t we take this a little slow. How about we start off with a small date, since we are already outside, in the snow……” He quickly looked around outside for something they could do together and saw the snowman partially built.  “….let’s finish this snowman”

That brightened Fiona’s face and she scrambled to her feet and headed towards the snowman.  As the sun set that evening and Annalise watched from the window above, Fiona and Derrick finished the snowman they had started with Annalise earlier that evening.

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Will Derrick and Fiona continue to work out their problems and fall back in love with each other?

Keep reading to find out!

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