Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 4

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 4 ~ Secrets

It’s spring time and talk about Lawson hasn’t happened since New Years Eve.  Fiona acts as if nothing has happened between her and Annalise.  Their relationship is as it should be, according to her anyway.

Annalise talks to her mom still but deep down she is still angry about what had happened that night.  Her mom doesn’t know but she leaves just a few minutes earlier in the morning than she needs to just to see Lawson for a few before school.  He meets her several blocks from home and then walks with her the rest of the way to school.  They hold hands, share kisses together.  Her school is the opposite way than where Fiona works so unless her mom suspects something she has no reason to go this direction.

After school Lawson walks with her from school to their morning meeting place. She doesn’t call her text while at home that way no one notices anything that she is doing.  She waits until it is time for bed and then while everyone else is asleep, starts texting Lawson.  This has been going on since that New Years night.

I just have to wait until I graduate and then I can just move out. Summer is almost here and just one more year of school.  A few more months and I will be an adult.


That Friday there was a party going on at the college where Lawson goes.  She talked with one of her friends at school, Chrissy, and convinced her to go with her to the party.  This way she can meet at Annalise’s house and they can go out and her mom will think she is out with her instead of going to a party.

Chrissy got to her house right on time.  She came in and said hi to her mom and they headed out.

“I’m not sure about this Annalise.  Are you sure we can go to a college party?”

“Yes I’m sure, we were invited so it will be okay.”


After they got to the party it didn’t take long for Annalise to find Lawson.  She was falling in love with him and couldn’t stand being away from him.  This is who she wanted to marry.

“Lawson? the music is really loud.  Can we go somewhere a little more quiet?”

“Sure, follow me.”

Lawson led Annalise upstairs to where his room was and they sat on his bed and started to talk and then kissed.

01-15-20_8-55-01 PM

They talked and talked to what ended up being 2 hours.  They slowly got tired.  Lawson leaned back on the bed and Annalise followed by laying her head on his shoulder with his arm around her. Before they knew it, they both had fallen asleep.

What is Fiona going to say about her staying out all night? Will Annalise continue to keep this relationship a secret?

Keep reading to find out!

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