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Sims 4: Original Apartments


Have you ever noticed how as you play the game and your sims move from one apartment to the next or just from one apartment to a house that when you go back that apartment is missing all the furniture!!  That’s one thing that irritated me…..A LOT!  Not many at the time I saved all these originals where there to re-download so here they are!


This is done in order to save them as a whole and not room by room.  Make sure you download ALL files for each in order to replace the full apartment back to original.

CURRENT APARTMENTS FOR DOWNLOAD: <–I plan on adding to this list as I get time to do so.

17 Culpepper                                     701 Zenview                                      1310 21 Chic Street

18 Culpepper                                     702 Zenview                                      1312 21 Chic Street

19 Culpepper                                                                                                        1312 21 Chic Street

20 Culpepper


2A Jasmine Suites                           121 Hakim House                          1010 Alt Apartment

2B Jasmine Suites                           122 Hakim House                          1020 Alto Apartment


910 Medina Studios                      888 Spire Apartment                    VIII Landgraab

920 Medina Studios                                                                                          IX Landgraab

930 Medina Studios




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