Sims 4: Pregnant Aging & Death PLUS Children & Toddlers!~Mod

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Things you will find in this mod, along with anything I may be currently working on that isn’t released to the public.

  • Toddlers can die
  • Children can die
  • Pregnant, Children & Toddler sims WILL die when they are not on a community or residential lot.
  • Pregnant sims will die from any of the deaths in the game.
  • Pregnant sims will age like any other sim does.

If you do not have one or more of the packs listed, the mod will still work. Your sim will not have those death possibilities.

Made changes to my Vampire Death & More! Mod so there will be no conflicts. Read the packs carefully so you know which ones you want to pair up with if you choose.

Have you ever noticed how when ever a sim is pregnant they pretty much become immortal? They don’t ever age like the rest of them so they can never have a birthday I would be rather disappointed not getting to have a birthday party! Also they defy death over and over. Nothing seems to harm them.

So what does this mod do? Basically what the title says. Now your sims can celebrate that much needed birthday and have a party and have fun! Just be carefull! They are no longer immune to death and can now die in every way all the other sims can.

Children and Toddlers can now die and be compatible with my pregnant aging & death mod.
Why did I create this portion of the mod?

In my generation challenge one of my generations needs a child to die. I started working on this portion of the mod right before Christmas and New Years. I’ve researched looking to see if there was any mods out there that I could use. I found: Kids can Die of Anything By: DrChillgood but it is not updated in a long time and does not work. I also found: Children can die of Anything By: Simptopics which is an updated version of DrChillgood’s original mod. This has deaths I didn’t want along with not having some that I was looking for. It does not include children dying in fires or drowning. There was also this mod that I just found right after making this portion of mine: Children & toddlers can die of anything By: ArienLi which is also another updated version of Dr.Chillgood’s original mod. This one has the same deaths along with adding fire and cow plant. However, when I tested it hoping to use it for my game the death by fire for children and toddlers did not work at the time of my testing. It also will conflict with my pregnant aging and death mod. So because the mods listed above either conflicts with my pregnant mod, or didn’t have deaths I wanted, had deaths I didn’t want, had files that didn’t work when I tested I decided to continue working on my version I had started almost a month ago and made it so I could have the more realistic deaths, since I find emotional deaths kind of dumb, and so it could be compatible with this mod so I could complete my one generation in my challenge.

What does the Children and Toddler deaths do?

They will not die from any emotional death as I find that a little dumb. They will die off of a lot. Meaning, if they starve off of a lot usually a sim won’t die, but with this mod all sims will die off of a lot. Children and Toddlers will not get whisked away because of hunger neglect. I did not do anything about the other motives so if you neglect them by not giving them attention social services will still take them away. However, keep an eye on that poor toddler as hunger will kill them. Until I learn how to create new animations, children and toddlers will stretch for the deaths but they will have the Grim Reaper come and take them and an Urn will be left behind.

I have tested the children and toddler portion several times except the electrocution. I have no idea if they can even do anything with electricity so if you figure it out please let me know how you did it so I can also test it along with let me know your results The Electrocution Death is in TESTING.

Pregnant sims can die from:

Cow plant
Death Flower
NEW Denizen Drown
Old Age
Elder Exhaustion
Over Heat
Steam Room <–Must have a mod that allows pregnant sims to enter the steam room
Vampire Sun
Rodent Disease

NEW Please read


<– MUST put with one of the flavors!
These will not work on their own as interactions themselves also need to be changed for this to work. These have been set as an Add-On so you can choose what you want added to your Pregnant Sims. This way there aren’t so many different flavors with basically the same things minus a few files. Makes it easier for me to update and add to and won’t take as long to complete. Please read them as they are not titled the same and hopefully isn’t to difficult to figure out.
Aging & Death:[Spoiler]
REQUIRED: 1 of the main flavors below
Choose one or more of the flavors below to go along with this or this mod won’t work. This will allow pregnant sims to age and die

Death Only

REQUIRED: 1 of the main flavors below.
Choose one or more of the flavors below to go along with this or this mod won’t work. This will allow pregnant sims to die


Pregnant Aging Death Mod:<– Must have 1 of the Add On’s

REQUIRED: 1 of the Add On’s listed above
This WILL NOT work on it’s own. Once you add one of the add on’s above your pregnant sims with age or die or both. This will also enable it so all sims will die off of a lot. Which means tombstones will start appearing on the roads or sidewalks.

Children Toddler Death<– This is used with NO Add On’s This is a stand alone file.

This will remove the social worker coming when a child or toddler starts to starve. This will allow the children or toddlers to die from the possibilities listed below.
Children can die from:
NEW Lightning

Toddlers can die from:
I’m still working on death by fire, if I get it figured it out, it will be added here.
<–This one is in testing, let me know your results.

Children Toddler Death Compatible Pregnant<– Must have 1 of the Add On’s

REQUIRED: 1 of the Add On’s listed above
REQUIRED: Pregnant Aging and Death Mod
Use this flavor if you are using the pregnant aging and death portion along with one of the add on’s listed above.

Only use ONE Children Toddler Flavor as they will conflict with each other.

I did my best to help with understanding the new changes. Please if you are uncertain either ask here or follow my link in my signature. Thank you!

Do not re-upload this mod and claim it as your own!
Do not post this somewhere else with out permission.


2 thoughts on “Sims 4: Pregnant Aging & Death PLUS Children & Toddlers!~Mod

  1. Hello. My name is Jennifer. I’ve been looking for a mod that allows child and toddler deaths for a while and I’m considering downloading your “Pregnant Aging & Death Plus Children & Toddlers” mod (everything else I currently have, (MCCC) doesn’t allow my children to physically die, they just become an instant ghost). Anyway, the main things I want to ask are: Does this mod conflict with any mods that overhaul pregnancy(i.e. Lumpinou’s Relationship and Pregnancy Overhaul) or other mods in general (i.e. llzayneiph’s Royalty Mod, SimRealist mods)? Is this mod compatible with the latest patch? Your description of this mod states that pregnant, child and toddler sims can die if they aren’t on their residential or a community lot, although it hasn’t been released for the public. Does that mean that sims can die if they need/want to leave their house for work, school, etc.? Will there be a way to prevent that if I only want my sims to experience the deaths without limiting their required actions (since the Sims 4 will autonomously send your active household sims to work or school if they have a career/or enable children to attend school from MCCC)?


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