Sims 4: Retail Hire Who Ever! Mod Download


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Get to Work is REQUIRED! This will not give you retail stores.

I had a request to make it so you can hire who you want regardless of their skill levels.

I have one for Vets also–>HERE

I have one for Restaurants also–>HERE

I want to give out a special Thank You! to Scumbumbo! Scumbumbo and I were talking one day about this mod and came up with a few theories on how to get more sims into the hire list. So I went in and tested some of our theories, all you have to do is add this mod, and make the sims you want unemployed. Then they will show up in the list to be hired.

What does this mod do?
Have you ever spent a lot of time on an employee to raise their skills and then you choose to sell that store and buy a different one only to find out you can’t rehire the employee you worked so hard on? Well this mod will remove that restriction. You can no rehire that employee that you worked so hard on building their skills!

Any mod that uses the same XML file WILL CONFLICT!
XML used:

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