Sims 3: Build Downloads

Sims 3: Bridge Parkway~Download

This home is unique by having a indoor balcony that over looks the living area and entrance.  This home offers an eat in kitchen, laundry room, 2 bathrooms, nursery, child’s room, garage and fenced in back yard with small play area.

This home was build for my “From the Ground Up!” Series on Youtube.

Want to watch From the Ground Up?–>HERE!

**There was an issue with the lighting in the upper balcony.  This has been fixed

***The pictures show 2 washers.  This also has been fixed.

If you do not have one or more of the packs or content listed, that is okay.  The game will just replace what you don’t have with something that you do have.

Expansions Used:

Store Content Used:

Earth Day Plants<–FREE

Vintage Rotary Phone<—FREE w/Generations registration

Put Some Birds On It Decal

Dirty No More Changing and Bathing Station<–I recommend Don’t Put Baby on the Floor! mod or your sims will always put the baby on the floor.  Annoying glitch

Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing

Love to Love You Lounge

A Moment in Time Painting

All my lots are tested, however, if you find something that I missed please let me know.

Thank you for all of your support!


All Current Download Links:

The Exchange


Mod the Sims



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