Sims 4: Global Gender Preference Mod

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This used to be with my PERSONALITY PLEASE. This had nothing to do with that mod and kinda got lost in the description, which is already a little confusing as it is. By giving this its own page helps make the other mod easier to read and allows players to easily find this as well.

There has been reports on more gay and bisexual relationships then before. So I decided to create a mod that gives you the opportunity to have the gender preference in your game of your choosing. This change will affect new sims the game generates and gives gender preference to. This may take time to see a difference if you are playing in an old save. Only choose 1 gender percentage file. More flavors of this mod is possible if requested.

Gender Preference:
100 Heterosexual
100 Homosexual
100 Bisexual
Even Genders<–Each have the same chance as the others.
Mostly Heterosexual<–Very similar to the games chances, except the heterosexual was raised significantly and the others were lowered just a few.

Since the gender preference changes new sims this may take awhile to see the affects. Please let me know your results along with how long it took before you saw a difference.

This WILL CONFLICT with any mod that uses the same XML file
XML’s Used:





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