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Sims 3: All mods that I use in my games

CAUTION: Sims 3 is still my favorite sims game, but as you can see my game is heavily modded so use caution when using as many mods as I have listed.  The more mods you have the harder it is on your computer.  I have a strong computer and for the most part works perfect but prior to my new computer, I had a lot of lag. USE MODS AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Any mod located at Naughty Sims Asylum requires an account to download.  I haven’t come across any inappropriate mods but I haven’t searched the whole site either.
More Romantic Autonomy<–Read very very carefully!  There are a ton of options
Builder Stuff<–I use the Build/Buy Restriction Choker
No Autonomous Play Fairy Tricks<–Found at Naughty Sims Asylum
Sim Game Selector<–This allows you to choose what expansion packs you load your game with without having to update your game to the newest patch!

Friendly Werewolf Curse <–For my personal use, I have made a few changes of my own but here is the original mod.
Visiting Sims, Perfect Car <–This causes more neighbors to visit your household.
Share Secrets REVAMP
“Ask if Single” & “Ask Sign” is Friendly
Shiftable Curtains
Shiftable Cabinets
Shiftable Mirrors
Toddler Extra Activities<–I removed this because it lagged my game to much
Child2Toddler2Baby<–I removed this because it lagged my game to much
No More Mascot Zoom!
No More Gloves!
Instant Nausea Moodlet <—–I have looked everywhere for the original mod web page. I was unable to find it so I uploaded my copy for you to download.  This is NOT my mod, I do NOT claim rights to this mod, I am NOT responsible if anything happens to your game or computer because of this mod.
Harder Bills
Longer or Shorter Pregnancies, Puddles and More!
Moar Interactions
Sim Height Slider
Housekeeper Service
Hospital Mod
Labor Leaks
Set the Table and Call to Meal
More Intense Fires
No Autonomous Berate Ignorance or Practice School Cheer<–Has been removed but will look for a new link 🙂
Make Yourself at Home Mod
No Autonomous Cell Phone Picture Taking
Breastfeeding Mod
Normal Lifespans for Occults
No Romantic Interest on Kiss
Here is a list of all the NRAAS mods I use:  NRAAS Homepage

Error Trap
Career ~ You need this for any other modders jobs 🙂
                             ~ Assissination
                            ~Self Employed
                            ~Data Tones
Debug Enabler
                           ~ Expanded Tattoo
Once Read
Portrait Panel
Relationships Panel
Sleep Freedom
Story Progression~adds more life to your town:
                            ~Cops and Robbers
                            ~Fairies and Werewolves
                           ~Vampires and Slayers
                          ~Long Term
                         ~Toilet Stall
            I use a lot of custom careers. Here’s a list of them all:
MissyHissy’s Careers: Missy’s Homepage
                            ~Builder and Decorator
                            ~Canine Beautician
                            ~Estate Agent
                            ~Event Planner
                            ~After School Activities
                            ~Funeral Director
                            ~IT Career
                            ~Subway Maintenance
                ~NEW~Toy Maker & Apprenticeship
                            ~Web Admin
Found at MTS HERE
                            ~Baseball (MLB)
                            ~Car Dealership
                            ~Garbage Collector
                            ~Law & Order SVU
                            ~Mad Scientist
                            ~Marine Biologist
                            ~Social Care
                            ~Teen Modeling
               Told you I had a lot of careers 🙂
Do the Locomotion with Swimming~Read very carefully~Tons of options
Hospital Overhaul <—–Hasn’t been updated, started causing problems in my game so I removed it.
LostAccounts Super Scripts~I only use the Miscarriage Part of it
More Autonomous Laundry ~You need an account for this site. Its at Naughty Sims Asylum~Removed because they did to much laundry!  lol
No Newspaper Delivery~Also at Naught Sims Asylum
Add Any Lot Size
Taxi Charge~I went in and change the amount the taxis charged to make it more difficult
I also have more woohoo moodlets.  I will not post the link to the one I have   due to the content of the site.
No Free Quick Meals
User Directed Scolding
The Savvier Seller<—A must if you are doing a store, I have used this before and just recently readded it 🙂

DISCLAIMER: These mods are not mine, I do not take credit for any of these mods. These are just links to their download page.  All questions on other modders mods need to be addressed to them on their pages.




4 thoughts on “Sims 3: All mods that I use in my games

  1. Great list of TS3 mods, I may need to pick up an extra one, or three 🙂
    Side note: After spending a lot of time on TFM’s site, I’ve come to the conclusion that the ‘naughty’ only seems to be related to the playful banter sometimes found between creators and users (who are known to each other). I’ve downloaded so many great mods from her site, and all of the creators are friendly and respectful.
    Now I’m off to download more mods, thank you!


    1. Your welcome! Sometimes I look at that list and I’m like “hmmm maybe I should thin it out… nope I like what I have” lol I actually have thinned it out before, used to be a lot bigger!


      1. Mods are a must (IMO). Careful with thinning the herd, one never knows what might need tweaking 😀 I have so many on my D: drive that I move in and out of my main mods folder as needed in different games. I’ve not made a list yet, but maybe I should (it would be an eye-opener for sure).


      2. The list definately comes in handy. I used to have all kinds of mods for the supernatural but my computer had a hard time handling them. To much progression I guess. I would like to add them back in some day when I can upgrade. When it comes to sims 3, there’s no way I could play with out my mods. When I thinned it out I played with only a few NRaas mods and then as it went on I had to and a lot of them back in. Just couldn’t do it! lol


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