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Sims 3: The Kaiser House Build Request

Screenshot-2017-11-15 Mascord House Plan 2346 - The Kaiser


I had a request in the Sims 3 if I could build the top picture using only the Base Game objects.  This is a very large home.  The roofing proved to be tricky and doing diagonal anything in the game isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  The one thing about doing homes from an actual house plan is that there are things in the house plan that you don’t really create in the Sims.  Like for instance: pantries, walk in closets, basic closets.  And in this case a laundry room which isn’t in the base game options.  This home is going to have 5 bedrooms instead of 4 like the original because trying to keep to the original floor plan means having a bunch of linen closets so instead I will be changing a few around and in return ending up with another bedroom.  I actually didn’t mind building this home.  It definately makes you realize how much of everything from the extra packs you do use when you are building!  Thank you for the request!  It’s proving to be a decorating challenge! 🙂  You can view the original house plans HERE


2 thoughts on “Sims 3: The Kaiser House Build Request

  1. Do you think you could create more large beautiful homes/mansions like using Sims 3 base game items. I love your designs but I usually can’t use them because I only have the Sims 3 base game and Sims 3 Seasons.


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