Sims 4: Birthday Anytime Mod


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Have you ever come across wanting to age up your sim early and you can’t because it isn’t time yet?
Have you ever want to age up your sim when it says in the panel that its their birthday but for some odd glitch you can’t?
Would you like to age up an NPC when it isn’t their birthday?

Well this mod will allow you to age up any sim that you want that is near by even if they are not in the household even when it isn’t their birthday.

Why did I create this mod?
I had been told before a few times that others can age up their sims when ever they want with the birthday cake even if it isn’t their birthday. Yet I can’t tell you how many times I have not been able to do that. Not that long ago, my game said in their panel that it was 0 Days left so I tried to age them up and couldn’t. My sim ended up aging up on their own and had the forgotten birthday moodlet, yet just a few sim hours prior I had tried to and couldn’t. Here recently I wanted to age my teen up early and couldn’t because it wasn’t her birthday.

What does this mod do?
This mod adds to the pie option “Age Up Sim”. It adds in all the sims that are near by including your household. It does NOT at this time include the active sim. If I figure out the codes to allow that I will update the mod.

What sims are included in the Age Up Sim option?
Household sims, NPC sims that are near by even if they are outside in the apartment hallway as shown in the pictures, Vampires, Pregnant Sims, Toddlers–>Adult–Game glitches if you try to age up and Elder, I don’t know any aliens so I couldn’t summon them in my game to check so I do not know for sure on Aliens. Ghosts are NOT included at this time.

Will this conflict with your Pregnant Aging and Death mod?
No, it will not. This is added in the Age Up Sim Picker option in the pie menu.

Any mod that changes the same XML’s WILL CONFLICT:
XML Codes used:



Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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