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Sims 3: The Kaiser Download


I was requested to build a house from a specific house plan. You can find the original house plan HERE They also requested that the house be made out of BASE GAME only objects. This lot was requested to be put on a 64×64 Lot.

This home because of it being created based on a actual house plan will be slightly different. The exterior for the most part is the same, however, the interior layout is a little different. House plans have areas for linen closets and bedroom closets and several other added items that Sims just don’t use and have no reason to include them in the house. So a few of those were changed into either a storage room or bathroom/bedroom. This house has 1 extra bedroom because of that reason.

Since I could only use base game objects, there is a place for a laundry room but no washer or dryer. There Is also a bonus room that I left empty.

There is also NO CC or Store Content

This home offers a guest bedroom, bonus room, possible laundry room, kitchen nook, Nursery, fireplace, great room, formal dining room, office, indoor balcony, in-ground pool, and attached garage.

Want to see how this lot was created?–>VIDEO!

All my lots are tested, however, if you find something I may have missed. Please let me know.

Leave comments or questions about this lot below. 🙂

Current download links:

The Exchange


Mod the Sims




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