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Sims 3: Aluna Island – Populated Download


I had decided to share my personal save game file for Aluna Island created by James Turner a.k.a The Sim Supply.  You will need to download the island.  You can find it HERE

This is only a save file.  Meaning you will need to also download the houses if you want them in the world.  The houses used in these photos WILL NOT come with the download file.

If you would like more houses built specifically for this island, I have several up for download.  You can find them HERE

Each of these families have history.  If you would like to hear about their past and what their relationships are with each other in the town you can watch my video HERE

If you do not have the packs used for these families, your game should just replace what you don’t have with something that you do have.

Families include: vampires, pure blooded aliens, fairies, mixed occults and human with a variety of skills and job levels.

Again, this is only a save file.  The island is not included, the houses are not included.  This will go into your Sims 3 Saves Folder and will appear when you load your game where all your other saved games appear.

I hope you enjoy these families as much as I do.  They are all unique with their own personalities.  If you use Nrass story progression with the extras you will surely see a lively town!

If you have an questions or problems with this download, please ask them below and I will do my best to help 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Sims 3: Aluna Island – Populated Download

      1. Glad you like the world! Happy to hear you found the houses for the families. 🙂 I have several more houses up for download that go specifically to this world as well if you’re interested.


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