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Aluna Island Builds


Here is where you will find all of the builds, residential and community lots, that I have built for the island that James Turner built called Aluna Island. As many of you know, I love this island for its small size and amazing layout that provides so many different kinds of building designs that I can’t seem to get enough of.

If you would like to download Aluna Island, you can find it HERE

Click on the icon to view the lot in more detail.

My Aluna Island Save File:


17 Ocean Parkway


3 Ocean Parkway – Jezabell

Aluna Drive Beach – COMING SOON!

3 Aluna Heights

6 Aluna Drive

21OceanParkway-Ocean Getaway

15 Ocean Parkway-COMING SOON!

25 Ocean Parkway

2 Ocean Parkway – Evalynn

12 Alunas Drive-COMING SOON!

4 Seaward Walk-COMING SOON!


Industrial Plaza

4 Cliff’s Edge Walk Beach

Town Square



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