Sims 4: Let's Play! Gen 1

Sims 4: Let’s Play! Gen 1~Love Affair

Doesn’t take long before Emma starts to feel a little lonely.  She doesn’t know anyone in this town and with being a flirty romantic sim, she yearns to be with a special someone.

Its been about a week since she moved into her new home.  Her job isn’t anything she expected it to be so this weekend she’s out to have some fun!  She’s not sure where any of the hot spots are in town let alone where anything even is in the first place.  The first stop she makes is at the public library.

There’s actually quite a lot of sims here. She thought as see gazed through the library looking at all the prospective special someones.  Most just looked a little to nerdy for her taste.  She started walking though and went from one side of the library to the other, just gazing at who all was there.  She was getting ready to head out the door when she happen to glance to her left and someone caught her eye.  Hmmm, maybe, just maybe.

Let's Play Part 2 Love Affair (1)

Emma walked over to the attractive gentleman sitting on the ottoman.  She was nervous but took the first step in saying “Hello”

He looked up and they both just gazed at each other before he finally said “Hello, my name is Jacob Gudry.  You look like your new in town.”

“Ah, yes. Yes I am.  I just moved here about a week ago and I haven’t met very many sims.”

He seemed quite pleasant.  The conversation was moving quite a long.  She felt a connection with him.  She gently touched his hand and he didn’t move away.  She leaned in a little closer and whisper, “Would you like to go somewhere…a little more fun?”

Just then, a lady by the books got really angry.  She started swinging her arms and stomping her feet.

“I ah, that’s my wife, let’s get out of here.  Quickly!”  Jacob stood up and grabbed Emma’s hand and off they went out the door to the town’s park.

Even though he was married, Emma really didn’t care.  The way she saw it, if it wasn’t meant to be then he will leave his wife for her, but first, she needed to know if she felt something worth pursuing with him first.

The park was pleasant.  They sat for awhile on the bench and chatted.  He put his arm around her and she snuggled in.  Must not be going well for him with his wife for him not to care so much being with me.

Jacob stood up and stood in front of her.  “Come with me, I want to show you something.”

They walked over to the flower beds.  The sun was starting to set.  It was really getting pretty out with the sun setting.  He grabbed her hands and kissed them.  He was so romantic.  Her heart started to flutter.  She just had to know.  She leaned over and gave him a kiss!

Let's Play Part 2 Love Affair (4)

She wasn’t really feeling it with him.  Something was off.  Not quite right.  He must of seen it in her face because he started telling her something she wasn’t expecting to hear.

“My marriage with my wife is a good marriage.  I just can’t turn down a pretty lady.”

Does that mean even if he was with me he would still be going out with others?  This is definitely not what I want.  I may be okay with breaking up a marriage for myself but I still want them faithful to me.

“I’m sorry Jacob, but I don’t think this is going to work.  Your nice in all but I want a guy who will be faithful to me and only me.”

She gave him one last kiss on the cheek, turned around and walked away.

Who will be the next sim on Emma’s mind?  Keep reading to find out!

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