Sims 4: Autonomous “Ask To Move In” Mod

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I have gotten the responses back that I was looking for in testing out this mod. I recieved about the townies asking townies and now have gotten confirmation that an active has autonomously asked a townie to move in! So awsome everyone! Thank you all for your help in testing this mod. By the sounds of the comments and messages I have recieved it is working as expected Just let me know if you notice maybe a certain mood, conversation, trait or relationship seems to have it happening way to much so I can narrow down what needs to be changed. Other than that, testing is now down. Thank you again for your help!

Children, Teens and Elders are set negative to request to move in

Common Questions: Please read before asking a question

I just loaded my game and got a request to move but my sim isn’t talking with anyone. What is this?
This mod effects all sims in the area including off the lot walking around. There isn’t anything in the codes to narrow it only to actives. If you get a pop up requesting a move and no one asked your sim, then its a townie outside walking around or in a lot that is open. You can either click ok and choose to move sims or click cancel to cancel the request of the townies outside.<–Child, Teens and Elders are set to NOT be able to request so don’t move those they didn’t request
Its been several sim days, why hasn’t this happened autonomously?
The settings are not set for this to happen easily or several times. Please be patient and check all the listed properties that affect the way this mod works.Can I request a trait to be added to the list?
Yes! Just leave it in the comments with your reason on why you want to see it added and if I agree I will consider adding it. No gaurantees though.

This is happening way to much, can it be changed?
Yes. List in the comments the mood, relationship between the sims, conversation atmosphere and traits the sim asking to move in had at the time of the request. And if there are a few others players with the same thing happening will help me see what settings need to be adjusted.

I’ve been playing for weeks and almost an entire generation and it still hasn’t happened.
Thank you for letting me know. Make sure it has been an excessive amount of time and all the items listed above have been met in a positive way. Give me a explaination so I can see what is happening in your game easier and if a few others have the same problem then that will help me know what settings to adjust.

Is there a way to prevent my sim from asking another sim to move in?
No, this game file is set for all sims that have homes.

Is it possible to be rejected to move in?
Yes. Rejection is set the same as the vanilla game.

Will this conflict with your other autonomy mods?

NEW! Flavors:<–Only choose ONE

Ask to Move in:

This is the original of this mod and will appear in the Friendly pie menu.

Ask to Move in Romantic:

I was requested to make this version of the mod

This is the same as the original mod so all the above info is the same. The only difference is this will appear in the Romantic pie menu

Thank you all for your help with getting this mod set appropriately! It can not be done with out your help and every explaination of what is happening will help make this mod better!

Any mod that changes the same XML file will conflict!
XML used:




4 thoughts on “Sims 4: Autonomous “Ask To Move In” Mod

  1. This is really cool. I really like mods that give sims the power to take back their own lives so to speak.

    This is in the same vein of something I’m looking for. I’m looking for a mod that lets a townie semi-move in BUT the townie remains autonomous (doesn’t join the the household). Kinda like a high chance open invitation to stay the night? I’ve got enough obnoxious neighbors who seem to do this anyway it’d be nice to at least pick who’s doing it.


    1. With the way sims 4 is set up. The in-game menu that lets you move sims from one household to the next pops up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say who from the household is moving. The user gets to decide who moves and yes or no. This was a requested mod, I keep it updated but haven’t really taken the time to change it. 🙂 Glad you like the mod!


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