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PANDORA SIMS Stole one of my mods!

PANDORA SIMS stole one of my mods!

Please don’t support them. They steal other modders mods and then sell them. NEVER pay for my mods. They will always be free!. Please come to my sites only to download my content that way you know you will always get free up to date content.
PANDORA SIMS even changed the name of my mod but it is mine.

Sims can pee in the shower: sims with certain traits will relieve their bladder in the shower based on the bladder motive levels. These are the traits that determine which sims will relieve their bladders in the shower: Slob Shameless Childish Lazy Elders

<–I added this to the Bladder Reliever Update that I did. These are my customizations of that mod.
How can I help?
Boycot them. Cancel your account, stop downloading or visiting their site. The less traffic, the less downloads they get the lower they will get on the search engines.
Encourage other modders that you know to take a stand by Send a DMCA to their Host, Send a DMCA to Patreon, Send DMCAs for each Link to Google HERE Each link needs to use a new group. The more DMCA’s that are sent to good the farther down they will get on the search engine.
Please Please help, not just for me but for all modders and all future modders out there. This has been an on going thing with them for years.
Thank you so much for helping!




2 thoughts on “PANDORA SIMS Stole one of my mods!

  1. That site is seriously messed up, as is the thief who runs it. I’ve never checked it out before this morning, the Q&A section itself should be enough to drive anyone away who was tempted to pay for free content. If they’re using creators images also, I hope that everyone slaps as much info on them as possible. Best of luck with getting your mod taken off that site.


    1. I never looked at the Q&A. Was to irrited with them lol. Probably won’t ever get my mod off of it, but maybe getting the message out to others will help hurt the site in general.


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