Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 2

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 2-Recap Nicolas Rocca’s Story


Here is a small recap on the lives of the second generation.

Nicolas and Noel Rocca lost their mother before they became adults.  They took one last photo together.

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Once the twins turned into adults they went their seperate ways but never lost touch.  In fact, Nicolas stayed in his mother’s townhouse and his sister Noel just moved in the townhouse next door.

I will start off first with Nicolas’s life:

Nicolas met Luna while they were in high school.  They dated for most of their teen years.  When they became adults they got married.

11-29-17_9-40-03 AM

11-29-17_9-39-20 AM

Didn’t take long after the wedding before Luna was pregnant with her first baby.  Or should I say, babies.  That’s right, they were pregnant with TRIPLETS!

11-29-17_9-42-23 1AM

They named their babies: Brianna, Brett and Brennan Rocca.

Luna loves children.  She’s sort of a childish sim.  She played dolls with or with out her toddlers and always had to fix the dollhouse regardless of how many times they broke it.

Luna wasn’t the best of all cooks.  She caught the townhouse on fire while she was grilling outside on the deck and burned several of Nicolas’s family photos with his mother.

11-29-17_9-38-04 AM

Here is a small recap of the pictures that used to hang on that wall:

Nicolas was very upset over the photos.  He didn’t have any extras of them to replace them and they were the last family photos taken with his sister Noel before his mother passed away.

Wasn’t long after the fire and Luna discovered she was pregnant again.  This time was not planned.  She only had one boy this time which Nicolas was rather thankful for.  He wasn’t sure if he would make it through if they had twins or triplets or more!  They named the baby Kaden.

Soon the triplets were children and Kaden was a toddler.

Things started to calm down after the triplets were children and only one was left home during the day.  Daycare was much cheaper with only one child then 4.

Nicolas worked a lot of long hours being a police officer and Luna wasn’t much for helping their children with their school work.  She would much rather be playing with dolls than do work.  Housework wasn’t her best quality either.  She usually left dishes all over the house and sippy cups everywhere. She claimed her job as a reporter just made her to tired to work at home too!  The children were average children with average grades.  They didn’t really have much plans for what they were going to do as adults.

Eventually they were teens and Kaden became a child.

Luna didn’t have time, so she said, to take many pictures so there isn’t any of Kaden at this age.  Brianna chopped off her hair to a short bob cut, Brett cut it real short and dyed it to a light ash color and Brennan just kinda let it go in a curly mess.

Brianna and Brett always seemed like they got a long so much better.  Probably because Brennan was a loner and hated children.  He didn’t want to go out and party and much rather stayed home reading a book.

Once Brianna and Brett graduated they moved out quickly.  They couldn’t wait to get out on their own. Brianna got a job in business as a code monkey and married Georgia.  They adopted 3 children.  Brett got a job as an athlete and is a fan monkey.  He married Garret.  They currently have no children.

Brennan moved into a small apartment below his mother and father’s townhouse and has a job as a food critic and writes novels in his spare time.  He prefers to stay alone.  Has no intentions of getting married or involved with anyone and has no desire to have children of his own. Brennan is a very famous author and makes 1K in royalties each day along with a high rating as a food critic and a level 6 of cooking.

Not long after his older siblings moved out, Kaden became a Teen.

11-29-17_9-41-46 AM

He was a grumpy toddler, grumpy child and as you can see, not much changed after he became a teen.

Nicolas and Luna are now elders but because of their high rent in the townhouse they love they can not afford to retire.

11-29-17_9-40-32 AM

Kaden eventually moved out and has stayed single.  No one has heard from Kaden since he moved out.  No one knows where he works or lives or what he is doing with his life.

Sadly, Luna passed away shortly after Kaden moved out.  She couldn’t handle him leaving like he did.  The last thing they did was argue with each other and he packed his things and left.  She was so heartbroken over it and depression eventually set in.  She didn’t take her life but she lost the will to live, regardless of the fact that Nicolas loved her with all of his heart.

Nicolas plugged away for a long time after Luna died.  He still worked.  He said it kept him healthy to stay busy and away from home.  He did as much overtime as he could.  Eventually it caught up with him.  Nicolas died of a heart attack while he was at work.

Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoyed Nicolas’s story and hope to hear your thoughts below in the comments. 🙂

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